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Didier making his speech as director of SIL in Ivory Coast, at the Kouya dedication 21 March 2012

I don’t believe it! This Wednesday 27 May means it is exactly 10 weeks ago we were in Ivory Coast for the 21 March dedication of the Kouya New Testament. A lot has happened since then: I’ve had a successful cataract operation and Eddie and Sue Arthur have been at the Wycliffe Global Gathering in Chiang Mai in Thailand…

It was the last day of Wycliffe’s International gathering. For seven days, five hundred leaders of Bible translation organisations from over sixty five countries had met together to pray, to discuss and to seek God’s will for the future. As the conference closed, the chair called for a time of prayer and suggested that people should stand up and pray in their mother tongue. One by one, people stood up in the huge conference hall to pray. There were prayers in English, in Spanish and then a young West African stood up to pray…

Dide -Lagɔɔ. -Jejitapε, -mι na ‘paa fuo, -mι na ‘paa yuo…

I buried my face in my hands and sobbed my heart out.

The young man was Didier and he was praying in Kouya.

It was a very emotional moment for both Eddie and Sue! Please read the rest of the blog in which Eddie tells where and when they first met Didier and what Didier is doing now. There’s also a great picture of Eddie and Sue.

Eddie’s reflections on the Wycliffe Global gathering brought a tear to my eye too – and took my mind racing back to the week spent with Didier and meeting many other Kouya friends in Dema, Bouhitafla and Gouabafla.

But it’s also a taste of the future that God has promised us…Eddie again.

This tiny, little known language from the Ivorian rain forest was being used to worship the Lord alongside all of the famous languages of the world. I’ve often told the story of the old Kouya man who rejoiced when he saw Kouya written down, saying that now Kouya took its place alongside English, French and German because those languages had paper, and now Kouya had paper, too. As Didier prayed, we saw that principle lived out in practice. A little bit of Revelation 7 taking place before our eyes.

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