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NH2013On Monday 22 July past, it was a pleasure to co-present a seminar at New Horizon 2013 with Stephen Cave of Biblica. Here is roughly what I said with some of the visuals.

Today I would like to talk about something…
Something that needs to be talked about…
Something the church should be concerned about…
Something the church can do something about.
How many of you – or your churches – got involved with…

IF1Now what about this?

IF1But let’s leave that for a moment and do some Bible translation.

MOVE OVER LOVE… is a group exercise to show some of the principles of Bible translation into an unwritten language. It is based on data from the Inga language of Colombia. You can try it out for yourself on the Wycliffe UK Blog

NH Move Over Love 2

Me and my 6 volunteers working on Move Over Love

IF1The Inga people of Colombia have had the New Testament for many years, but so many do not.

statsAs Stephen said in the introduction…

We believe that the principle of someone hearing the voice of God in the language they speak today comes from heaven itself. Whether that’s the God who walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden, the God who descended to Mount Sinai to speak with Moses, the God who revealed himself to generations of prophets, the God who enabled pilgrims in Jerusalem to hear the message in their own language at Pentecost…

in the beginningand most importantly, the Creator God who translated himself from divine into human in the person of God the Son. The principle comes from heaven – people should be able to hear the Word of God in their own language. No one should have to learn a foreign language to hear about Jesus.

biblesYour Bible might look like this – a basic NIV pew Bible

Or like this – a Biblica production that Stephen may or may not be mentioning

Or a nice pink soft leather zipped one

biblesIncreasing many of us are not using books at all

biblesHere are some of the Bibles and NTs from around the world that we have in our Belfast office.

But for so many, the Bible looks like this!


biblesI could tell you so many stories about how mother tongue Scripture is having an influence – here briefly are just two…


biblesWe believe in a world where translated Scripture transforms lives.

And this is our vision.

biblesWill you share it? Will you and your church be concerned about it? Will you do something about it?

You can finish this blog by watching this video Feast or Crumbs..

… and now pray about how God may be nudging you to help with Bible translation for the almost 2,000 languages with no Bible at all.

One of the 34 people who attended the seminar has already been in touch with us. Check us out on the Wycliffe UK website

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…students come from more than a dozen denominations and spoke 28 different mother tongues”

Nigeria has more than 300 languages without a translation of the Bible

THE CONTEXT: There is a Bible translation training programme at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN).  Last time we checked the Bible translation students came from more than a dozen denominations and spoke 28 different mother tongues.

A PROBLEM: Some dedicated Nigerians who want to join the programme simply don’t have enough finances to fully fund their studies.

A SOLUTION: Several years ago a network of Nigerian churches and missions concerned with making Scriptures and Christian literature available set up a bursary fund to help. This has already helped 16 Nigerian students, the first group of which will graduate this year.

A NEW PROBLEM: But the money available has not kept pace with the number of potential students. At this time more funding from outside Nigeria is needed.

Ben Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria

A SOLUTION: New Horizon, a large Christian conference in Northern Ireland has accepted a funding proposal from Wycliffe UK to help the TCCN bursary fund. One of the main speakers at New Horizon 2010 is Archbishop Kwashi… things were beginning to come together. Archbishop Benjamin Argak Kwashi lives in Jos, Nigeria, just down the road from TCNN. If that isn’t enough, he studied at TCNN. Yet more, he has sent clergy under his care to study at TCNN. And he is a on the board of a Bible translation organization.  New Horizon has agreed that this project will be one of the three supported by the 2010 mission appeal!


a.     Funding will be provided for the bursary fund

b.    The funding  will allow 18 more gifted Nigerians to be  trained (to receive the bursary prospective students must display a clear commitment to serve in translation work, show evidence of other sources of support, and have references from their own churches)

c.     Bible translation will receive exposure at a major N Irish Christian conference

d.    A Nigerian leader will hopefully validate the importance of Bible translation on stage, rather than just a “white face” doing so

The Bible says that Jesus holds all things together. Occasionally, with initiatives like this one, you feel you can see him doing it.      Kent Anderson

And just to make another link, when the current Provost of TCNN, Dr Tersur Aben was studying at Belfast Bible College a few years ago, he preached in my church and came to us for Sunday lunch!

Who was it who said, “I love it when a plan comes together”?

With thanks to my Wycliffe colleague Kent Anderson

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