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Are you up for a prayer challenge?

Bible translation takes a long time.

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From the beginnings of a writing system to the final checks of texts for naturalness, clarity and accuracy there are many steps involving many different people. It’s normal for a New Testament that doesn’t run into any major roadblocks to take 10 to 12 years from start to finish. Sometimes however, a project seems to be especially beset with problems.

This prayer goody bag is full of stories of projects that have faced unprecedented challenges: projects from many countries around the world; some have not been going very long, others are nearing the finish line but face enormous opposition.

Bible translation builds God’s kingdom. It gives the gospel, the word of God, to people who have never heard. It equips individuals and churches to grow. These things bring transformation to individuals and communities.

But this means that Bible translation encroaches on the territory of Satan – and it is inevitable that he will put up a fight. So it is vitally important that we pray for Bible translation projects that are encountering difficulties and challenges.

One such story is from the Mangbetu project:

Set deep in the rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the village of Egbita. This is where the Mangbetu Bible translation and literacy project is found. Around 620,000 people speak Mangbetu as their mother tongue, but despite a Bible translation project starting there in 1981, the Mangbetu people are still waiting for the New Testament in their language. The only Scripture currently available in the Mangbetu language is the Gospel of Luke and the JESUS Film.

Mangbetu translation team

The Mangbetu project has been subject to many attacks and roadblocks over the past 35 years, stalling the project time and again.

A total of 5 different expatriate families were assigned to work with the Mangbetu project over those years and they all left for different health, family, and safety reasons. National translators did what they could to continue the translation work. The Mangbetu team took part in a workshop series in the early 2000s and the end result was that the Gospel of Luke was published and the JESUS Film dubbed in Mangbetu.

Two Mangbetu men were able to attend and graduate from the translation degree programme of Shalom University in Bunia, northeastern DRC and they are now ready to relaunch the Mangbetu project! (See picture of the team in 2016 above).

One of the ways that Satan attacks is by isolating us from the love and support of other Christians. Your prayers can help reconnect the Mangbetu translators to the support of the wider family of Christ. Will you rebuild bridges for the Mangbetu and ensure that they soon have the word of God in the language that speaks to their hearts?

This video gives a visual perspective on the Mangbetu story:

Find out more about how you can pray for the Mangbetu project and many other projects

You can find the Prayer Goody Bags at https://www.wycliffe.org.uk/goodybags

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