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Bible translation = teamwork… community teamwork!

If you ever think about a Bible translator, what image comes into your mind? Is it an historical, perhaps accurate way back then, image like this? But certainly not how it happens today.

The Last Chapter 735 AD

The Last Chapter

Here’s a different way to look at how a Bible gets translated into a previously unwritten language. It Takes a Village is a photo-journal about the Mono Bible translation project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. A child is not simply the product and responsibility of its parents. To be completely integrated into the fabric of its community, a child needs to have meaningful contact with and input from its wider family and community. The same is true of the process of birthing Scripture in the language of a people. Many minds and hands are part of the process, resulting in ownership of the product as well as impact by that body of Scripture in the life of the community.

The following photographic essay by Heather Pubols provides a window into one such village effort on the part of the Mono speaking people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Here’s a more accurate image of Bible translation in Africa today.

Four members of the Mono translation team at work in Gemena, DRC

Four members of the Mono translation team at work in Gemena, DRC

Go on, read the whole story – and let it prompt you to prayer. Or perhaps to go to an event such as Wycliffe UK’s First Steps. We’re holding one near Belfast, N. Ireland on 6 February 2016.

First Steps Newtownabbey

First Steps Newtownabbey

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