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cracked pot

There are changes afoot in the Wycliffe Bible Translators office in Belfast. Job transitions will happen around Easter. We’re re-shuffling who sits at what desk in what room and stuff like that. It’s all very exciting – unless like me, your office has been accumulating STUFF since early 2005!

In the process, the broken pot above emerged. More recent staff had questions… What is it? Why is it here? I was pressured to get rid of it and I will do something.

Curious to confirm my memories of the origin of the broken pot, I did some research and found this dating from an office move in 2005…

In our new office we received a gift of a broken terracotta pot, planted with lovely flowers. Brightening up the office, it is also a symbolic reminder that in our job we are helping to ‘grow’ disciples. Often we think that God can’t use our brokenness. Thankfully again and again he proves us wrong. God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things, provided they are willing to place themselves in His hands. How does he want you to grow?    Andrea Woodrow   Wycliffe News April 2005

I’m sad that we don’t have a photo of the broken pot in all its 2005 glory!

But I am delighted that the Belfast office staff will continue to stand alongside as “God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things” in God’s Mission to his world through Bible translation.

What extraordinary things might God call you to do?


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