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On 3 February, I posted A fascinating work experience with Wycliffe a blog written by Jack Nicholson about his three days in the Belfast office.

A celebration of DVD Scripture for sign languages in Ghana, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria

A celebration of DVD Scripture for sign languages in Ghana, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria

It got 5 views that day – and then day by day – 4 views, 3 views, 5 views, 0 views, 0 views, 1 view, 0 views, 5 views – until on 12 February an amazing 22 views!

Why the resurgence? Probably because the Wycliffe Bible Translators UK Facebook page shared the post on 11 February.

Of course that doesn’t count the number of views on Facebook and Twitter…

It’s a funny old thing this blogging. And I don’t know why I’m bothering to blog these thoughts and numbers.

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands in retirement… but I should let Jack know how his story has gone.

If you have bothered to read this far, why not check out these links to other fascinating experiences with Wycliffe: First Steps and Two Week Stint

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blogging-peopleAt least that’s what almost happened to me during September. I simply had too much on my mind to get it into focus to create a blog.

A lot of the mind games were stressful. There were things that had happened that were badly timed and made worse by poor communication. There were sleepless nights and a real need to seek God’s grace to forgive me for being reluctant to forgive others.

In the midst of all that there were things to enjoy and to celebrate. We were guests at an inspiring evening at Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church in Bangor celebrating twenty something years of ministry of long term friends Doug and Janice Bradley. The very next evening I was contributing to a celebration as Monkstown Baptist Church marked Ian and Claire Gray’s 50 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Ian and Claire GrayAnd of course Emily Marlene Ferguson arrived. Ulster made an incredible comeback against Scarlets to gain a 32-32 draw away from home. The mission report back Sunday in Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church was an inspiring day. Not to mention that September was the driest on record in the UK and we enjoyed walking in beautiful places in N. Ireland.

God is good! God is at work in the world that he created – and he has called all of us who have been blessed by him, to be a blessing to others.

Which leads me to say that I have three significant things that happened in September to blog about as October begins…

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