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What about this for a conversation starter over the weekend?

If Gareth Bale’s services are worth €100 million to Real Madrid, let them pay it.No amount of cash will ever have as much value as a human being has to Jesus. So why do we react so negatively when the skills of a footballer, a human being, are valued so highly in cash? I can’t bring myself to join the clamour that says that Bale is not worth that amount.

Shocked as some may be, I say this because that is not even a smidgen of his real worth to Jesus. It is infinitely less than the valuation placed upon him by the Saviour who values him at the price of his own life.

So writes Colin Green, the author of How to Run a Football Club, in EA’s Friday Night Theology

Colin also says…

Anyone reading this is likewise personally worth more than €100 million.


So if I am never worthless to Jesus, and I am worth the price he paid for me – his own life – then I care a lot less how much I am worth to other people. But I hope they see that I am worth the life of my Saviour. Give Jesus credit for that.

and again…

However, I fancy you could bail (excuse the pun) out the national debt of a small country with the fee and wages now attributable to Gareth Bale.

Or I might suggest… go a good way to financing the translation of the Bible for 1,967 languages without God’s Word.



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